Never burn your mouth again.
Enjoy your hot beverage for hours.

Have you ever burnt your mouth on that first sip of coffee? Have you ever struggled through that last bit of tepid tea?

This is the mug for you.

Temperfect mug cutaway

The Temperfect mug brings your freshly-brewed beverage to the perfect drinking temperature within minutes, and, using the energy it stores, it maintains that temperature for hours. It requires no batteries or cords, and it's infinitely reusable!

Temperfect Mugs add an extra layer of special insulation to a standard double-wall travel mug. The Temperfect insulation absorbs the excess energy from your hot beverage. This means your drink will reach the perfect temperature quickly, and you can start enjoying it right away.

This excess energy is stored in the insulation layer and released over time to keep your drink at the optimum drinking temperature for hours.

You won't have to wait to enjoy your drink, and you don't have to rush to finish it before it gets cold.

Temperfect operation


Made in, and shipped from, Wake Forest, NC

Factories in the USA and China supply us with the individual parts of our mugs. We finish and assemble these parts, and add the magic Temperfect insulation, right here at our factory in North Carolina, USA, before shipping mugs throughout the world.

We currently ship mugs within a day or two of receiving an order (depending on order volume!) Just pick a mug below and click on one of the "get one!" buttons to place an order. Follow us on or to keep closer tabs on all our news.

Temperfect Javabliss 16 Mug

The Javabliss is a 16 oz. travel tumbler designed to fit perfectly in your car's cup holder. It has an easy-to-operate shutter on the lid to keep your drink from sloshing out. The rim of the lid is designed to have a pleasant lip feel, like that of a ceramic mug, and the tumbler's triple-wall design gives it the heft of ceramic. All the Javabliss tumblers have polished high-grade stainless steel interiors so that they are easy to clean and won't retain odors or taste from your last drink. We don't recommend putting the tumbler body in the dishwasher, but the lid is easily disassembled for dishwasher cleaning. And of course all Javabliss models have the Temperfect insulation that keeps your hot drink just right. (click image to enlarge)

Brushed Finish

Javabliss 16 brushed-finish mug colors
Javabliss 16 oz. tumbler
brushed stainless finish

This model has a brushed stainless steel exterior, a gloss-white lid, and a grippy silicone sleeve. We're offering the mug in our classy Joeveo orange, as well as two new colors: Aqua and Charcoal. $40-$43 plus shipping. Typically ships next day by Priority Mail

Titania Finish

Javabliss 16 titania finish mug
Javabliss 16 oz. tumbler
Titania ceramic finish
out of stock!

Sorry, this model is currently out of stock (mid 2018). We intend to have more Titanias made in 2018 though.

Titanium dioxide, or Titania, is a coating used in industry for insulation from extreme heat (in gas turbines, for example) or for parts that need an extremely wear-resistant coating. It is a ceramic, and it is applied with a plasma-spray process in which it is heated above its 3,400℉ melting point and sprayed onto the mug surface, building up a layer of material from 0.003-0.007" thick. The finish has a fine roughness, like that of bisque-fired ceramic, or slate, and even when wet it is not slippery. Because of the roughness, it builds up an interesting patina of scuffs with use (not scratches, it's too hard for that), so it is not a coating for someone who wants perfect uniformity. This is also a chameleon coating that changes color depending on the light, surroundings and observer. It can appear to be black, dark blue, gray and all colors in between.

Titania finish colors

On these mugs the droplet logo and base are masked during the spraying process so that the underlying stainless steel shows through, as in the picture above. The lid is high-gloss white. $280 plus shipping.

Questions & Answers

How do I use the Temperfect Mug?

Just pour your hot coffee or tea into your room-temperature mug and let it work its magic! The Temperfect insulation layer absorbs the excess heat so you can enjoy your beverage within minutes, and then for hours.

Does it matter what temperature my coffee is at initially?

The Temperfect Mug is designed to work best with your beverage right after brewing because it uses the extra heat as an energy source to keep your drink just right for a long time. We measured an average serving temperature of about 175℉ coming out of coffee makers and for tea and coffee served at shops, so that's the temperature we use for designing our mugs. If your drink is at a somewhat higher or lower temperature the mug will still work fine.

Is the insulation layer safe?

The insulation layer is completely non-toxic and safe. It is sealed in a stainless steel chamber so it can't come in contact with your beverage.

How long does the insulation layer last?

The insulation layer lasts for the entire lifetime of the mug; it will never lose its potency.

Can I put the Temperfect Mug in my dishwasher?

The lid for the Temperfect Mug is dishwasher safe, and is easily disassembled for thorough cleaning in the dishwasher or by hand. However, we don't recommend putting the main body of the mug in a dishwasher. It is made of stainless steel, and requires only a rinse after use in most cases. The inner surface of the mug has a smooth finish which will not retain flavors of your last beverage.

Does the Temperfect Mug keep cold drinks cold?

The Temperfect Mug will keep cold drinks cold for hours due to the vacuum insulation layer. You can pre-cool your mug in the refrig or freezer for even better cold-drink performance.

Can you show me temperature measurements?

Sure! Here are actual measurements made on our Javabliss 16 mug compared to a themos mug and a regular ceramic mug. The Temperfect Mug brings the coffee down to a drinkable temperature (60℃ = 140℉) quickly and holds it there. Contrariwise, your coffee gets cold fast in a ceramic mug, and seems to never get to a reasonable temperature in the standard thermos mug (click to enlarge).

About Joeveo

Joeveo is a small but growing company in the small but growing town of Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA. We got our start many years ago when we set about finding a solution to the world's most pressing hot beverage problem: our coffee was first too hot to drink, and then it was suddenly too cold. Our solution is the Temperfect mug, which extracts the excess heat from your beverage right away, stores it, and then puts it back in to keep the temperature just right for hours. Our mission is to make drinkware that will bring a smile to your lips, over and over.

This is a home-grown (literally) bootstrap startup: we ran a Kickstarter campaign in 2013-2014 to help finance it, and we've been improving our knowledge of the mug-making trade, and creating a supply chain for our mugs ever since. Our mug parts are sourced in China and the US, and put together, along with the magic Temperfect insulation, right here in North Carolina. When you place an order with us, we make your mug and ship it to you from our factory here in NC.

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