Temperfect Technology



Temperfect mug cutaway: coffee, Temperfect insulation, vacuumTemperfect Mugs add an extra layer of special "Temperfect" insulation to a standard double-wall travel mug. The Temperfect insulation quickly absorbs the excess heat from your freshly-brewed hot beverage. This means your drink will reach the perfect temperature fast, and you can start enjoying it right away.

The excess heat is stored in the insulation layer and released over time to keep your drink at the optimum drinking temperature for hours (below).

You won't have to wait to enjoy your drink, and you don't have to rush to finish it before it gets cold!


how the Temperfect mug works

Why it's awesome

  • Your coffee or tea cools quickly to a drinkable temperature. Who wants to wait to enjoy their perfect cup? And nobody wants to burn their mouth.
  • You don't have to rush to finish it before it gets cold. You have literally hours to enjoy.
  • Your coffee spends only a short time at a high temperature (where flavor essences are lost), so it stays delicious from pour to finish. This is a very noticeable, and pleasant, difference.
  • No need to microwave, so no off taste from reheating.
  • These mugs were invented, designed and perfected in North Carolina, USA. Some of their parts are sourced from factories in the US, and all the assembly, the addition of the magic Temperfect insulation, and the careful packaging and shipping are done right here in Wake Forest, NC. This is the only stainless steel travel mug with a significant made-in-USA component.


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Details For the TechnoGeek

The Temperfect mug has three stainless steel walls (alloy 304L, cutlery grade), and two layers of insulation. On the outside is a vacuum insulation layer which ensures no heat is lost. On the inside, a layer of Temperfect insulation absorbs the excess heat from your beverage, stores it, and slowly puts it back into your drink to prevent cooling. This cycle can be repeated forever—it will never wear out.

The Temperfect insulation is a phase-change material (PCM), a non-toxic, wax-like substance which changes from solid to liquid phase as it absorbs heat, and from liquid back to solid as that heat is used to keep your drink at a perfect temperature.

There are two aspects of the physical process of phase change that make it perfect for this application.

  1. The change occurs at a constant temperature (if the PCM is pure and has a single crystalline phase.) This property is what keeps your beverage at a constant temperature.
  2. A large amount of energy must be transferred either to or from the PCM to change its phase. This is what enables it to store energy to keep your drink at just the right temperature for a long time.
Here are actual measured temperatures for a typical vacuum-insulated mug (Thermos, Stanley, Contigo, Yeti...), for a basic ceramic mug, and for the Temperfect mug:
Temperfect, vacuum, ceramic mug temperature measurements