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Here's some past coverage of the Temperfect mug in the print and on-line press. Thank you to all who have written about the Temperfect mug!

" the Temperfect mug is rolling out of production and into the homes of people who are tired of setting down their steaming-hot morning beverage and returning later to find it cold."

The News & Observer

"An inventor may have perfected a way to make scalding hot coffee or tea instantly warm, and keep it that way"

"...their mug can keep your drink at the perfect sipping temperature for hours at a time, without using any electricity."

New Atlas (formerly gizmag)

"A pair of entrepreneurs in Wake Forest want to change the way you drink your morning cup of coffee."

Triangle Business Journal

"what could be the greatest coffee-related invention since coffee-alcohol: a mug that keeps coffee hot – but not too hot – for hours on end."

"It is a great idea for those who love their coffee or tea and want to enjoy it for hours without worrying about it becoming cold and disgusting."


"If only there was a mug that would make coffee drinkable sooner, and keep it drinkable longer. Well, it turns out there is."


"The Temperfect mug is a magical stainless steel mug that brings the temperature of your coffee or tea to the perfect sipping temperature right away and KEEPS it there for hours!"

"When I thought that I could drink soon, I took the cup in my hand and a cold feeling was coming on my skin, I thought of 'No way!'" (in Japanese with fanciful English translation thanks to Google)