The Pursuit of Perfection

As I write this I'm sitting with my cup of tea next to me. Since I don't have my Temperfect mug yet it will surely get cold quite quickly, and I will have to be careful to wait long enough I don't burn my lips. But inside my mug, for just a few moments, there will be perfection. The perfect tea at the perfect temperature, warming me from the inside out as the weather gets colder outside. It is hard not to get a wonderful sense of coziness welling up in the corner nook as I sip.

But perfection can often be so fleeting. As soon as it is here it is gone again, and although I will finish my tea, it just isn't the same when it isn't piping hot. In a way that is what we all struggle for every day. Our own sense of perfection. Not perfect in the literal sense, to do so would be futile. But perfection in every day things, tasks, conversations, food, and feelings. Making sure we make the most of every moment. No errors on the job, no waking up through the night, no spaghetti stain on your white shirt after Italian... it went perfect.

It is only every so often one gets the chance to bring something new to the world. Something created and crafted thoughtfully, by hand, one year at a time. And when the opportunity strikes you owe it to yourself to seize the moment and create something instilled with purpose, and perfection. Be it a child, a sculpture, or an invention.

Here at Joeveo we are on the cusp of finally bringing the world something we would consider a perfect attempt. There will of course be minor flaws and defects, not everything can be perfect all the time. But when it's taken a long time to bring an idea to fruition you don't stop at minor road-bumps, you don't settle for second best. There have been countless opportunities to settle for sub-par work, accept a large design change, or put up with faulty finishes. But we are not in the business of cutting corners. We are in the business to pursue perfection. If we are going to bring a product into the world it is going to be the very best we can make it. Lord knows we've run into every problem in the book plus some, and at this rate we'll definitely run into some more. But we are not quitters. We will make this product the very best we can make it, because we owe it to ourselves to pursue perfection.

With every over-steeped cup of tea we learn a bit more about how to make the perfect cup. And with every misstep in production we learn a bit more about manufacturing the perfect mug. We are so close to finally having the product we have worked so hard to bring to life. And although it can never be perfect, we know we have put in a perfect effort, and will have a product as close to perfect as it can be.

Peace, love, and happy sipping

Logan Maxwell

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