Joeveo Press Kit

Have you ever had to wait too long for your freshly-brewed, or just-bought, coffee's temperature to drop from volcanic to pleasantly drinkable? Or have you ever burnt your mouth because you didn't wait long enough?

The Temperfect mug from Joeveo brings your fresh, hot coffee or tea to a drinkable temperature in minutes, and keeps it there for hours. No burns, no waiting, no cold coffee.

It does this without batteries, electronics, or cords. We just added a layer of special insulation to a standard vacuum insulated travel mug. This "Temperfect" insulation absorbs the excess heat from your brew right away, stores it, then releases it slowly to keep your beverage just right for hours.

To use the mug, you just pour your too-hot-to-drink beverage in, wait a couple minutes, and enjoy.

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Joeveo is a home-grown bootstrap startup which launched with a $270,000 Kickstarter campaign in 2014. We're based in Wake Forest, NC, USA, where we have a factory to assemble the mugs, give them their Temperfect magic, and ship them directly, next day, to customers throughout the world. Our mug parts are made in specialized factories in the USA and China using an approach we call bishoring, which enables us to provide jobs in the US while offering a product with maximum quality and minimum cost. 



Our current offering: Aqua, Charcoal, Joeve Orange Prototypes, 1995-2007
Your coffee or tea will be perfect before and after yoga Get it filled at your favorite coffee shop
Assembly and final cleaning at our US factory Dean applying the mugmaker's touch to a mug at our US factory